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Hana’s Just Made

Confectionary Brand Building
Enduring Relationship with Kids


Appealing design to crack Kirana store Sales

Crafting delightful candies, wafers, and lollipops, Hana's Just Made, a new confectionary brand, wanted to enter Kirana stores with appealing brand design to challenge established players of their category.

What we did ?
  • Brand Positioning
  • Branding
  • Brand Visual Language
  • Brand Packaging
  • Brand Communication
  • Brand Website


A Perfect Confectionary to Nimble and Munch

As their products are loved by Kids a lot, we strategized to position the brand to have an enduring relationship with young consumers. So, we placed Hana’s Just Made as the brand that delivers munch-worthy confectionaries that attracts Kids largely.


Captivate Kids with Mascot Squirrel

To attract the kids to the brand, we decided to incorporate an appealing mascot into the brand. Choosing the charming animal squirrel as our representative, we visually communicated the brand's narrative and the idea of munch-worthy treats, as it is often seen crunching fruits and nuts.

Portfolio Image
Portfolio Image

The Imact

Win owing to Resonance of Agile Nature

As the brand took off at Kirana stores, it experienced a buzzing movement led by children. The squirrel's active nature resonated well with the agility and chirpiness of kids. It led them ask shop owners for Hana’s Just made confectionaries using the pet name “Squirrel candy”