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Million Household’s Favorite Oil Brands
Served Digitally with Us


Revamp the Ecommerce Platform

Kaleesuwari, big player of Oil industry approached us with the goal of providing their loyal customers with the access to their esteemed oil brands like Goldwinner and Eldia in locations where physical availability at nearby retail shops was limited. Additionally, Kaleesuwari sought to enhance the shopping experience for their loyal customers in cities by enabling direct purchases from the manufacturers, bypassing the distributors.

What we did ?
  • UX & UI design


Strategic Design to Drive More Sales

We designed the website using a smooth user experience for a quicker finish when a website visitor makes a clear intent to purchase.

Additionally, we implemented strategic measures such as bundling products into appealing combos, ensuring that the average order value of Kaleesuwari's loyal customers remains high.


Seamless UX and Strong Brand Identity

Taking charge of revamping their outdated website, we transformed the user experience into a seamless and highly efficient digital journey with enhanced navigation and intuitive interactions.

Furthermore, we made use of carefully selected color palettes to align with their brand colors, fostering a seamless connection between the website's visual elements and their brand identity.

The Impact

Achieved a Higher Conversion Rate

Following the successful revamp of the website, Kaleesuwari's ecommerce channel experienced a substantial surge in revenue, unequivocally demonstrating the significant impact of the redesigned platform in driving increased sales and business growth.