Dive-in to Differentiate

People love brands with a ‘Meaningful differentiation’

KR Xclusive

Good Old Bakery Births a New Pastry
Brand in the City.


Likable and Memorable
Brand Identity

KR Bakes, a Coimbatore based famous Bakery and cake shop wanted to scale up with their KR Xclusive, a new brand serving premium foods like cakes, pastries, confectioneries, sweets and savories. They approached us to help them set a good perception for the brand, so as to increase the likability and memorability of it, at the very first impression.

What we did ?
  • Branding
  • Brand Visual Language
  • Brand Packaging
  • Brand Communication


The Delicacies that Make you Drool

The target audience for KR Xclusive are pastry enthusiasts and indulgers who seek variety and innovation. As they have introduced a new range of delicacies that are premium and exclusive like Cake with Dip. We tried to get the attention of the variety seekers with the narrative, “The delicacies that make you drool”.


Attract with Drooling Graphics

Taking inspiration from the Dip, we decided to visually hammer KR Xclusive with drooling graphics representing the mouth-watering range of bakes. We infused this style right from logo to package designs. We also incorporated vibrant colors and transparent parts to capture the attention and appetite of the audience.

The Impact

Became Instagramable Content

These products became best sellers. It caught the attention of food vloggers. As the presentation was Instagram worthy, Influencers started doing content on it, eventually bringing an organic reach to the brand.