Dive-in to Differentiate

People love brands with a ‘Meaningful differentiation’


Leading Global Poultry Giant’s
Website Makeover!


Elevate Corporate Profile

The Poultry super-star Suguna, dominating the entire value chain of the poultry industry in Asia-Pacific region, wanted to highlight their corporate profile when presented to International Banks, investors and policy makers. For this purpose, they sought our help in revamping their website.

What we did ?
  • Brand Strategy
  • UI & UX design
  • Website development


Noble Vision Highlighted

Throughout the website content, we emphasized two crucial facets of Suguna's social outlook. Firstly, Suguna's commitment to addressing the nutritional requirements of families in developing countries.

Secondly, their dedication to empower rural livelihoods and promoting farmers' welfare for inclusive development. Our goal was to position ‘Suguna group’ as a thought leader in the food & farming Industry, and not to pitch any of the Suguna line of business.


Spacious Design for Elegance

In redesigning Suguna's website, we moved away from their previous cluttered content layouts and embraced a more spacious design to create an elegant and sophisticated feel.

To enhance the visual impact, we carefully selected and strategically placed high-impact images that added a sense of grandeur to the website.

The Impact

Thought Leader Global Image

Suguna’s values-driven website outlook had a profound impact on their target audience like bureaucrats and other high-profile users. The website successfully projected Suguna as the Visionary leader revolutionizing the food and farming industry, prioritizing societal impact over mere profit-making endeavors. This approach elevated their global image and solidified their reputation as a thought-leader in the field.