Dive-in to Differentiate

People love brands with a ‘Meaningful differentiation’

Snyder Tech

Rebranding a US-based Leading
Tech Firm


Improvisation in Digital Experience

Snyder Tech, a US-based enterprise digital technology solution provider, sought our help to elevate their brand identity through an improvised rebranding initiative. With this, revamping the website became pertinent to improve the design of their user interface (UI) and user experience (UX), ultimately enhancing the overall digital experience to their audience.

What we did ?
  • Branding
  • Brand Visual Language
  • Brand Identity
  • UX UI design


Simplified Navigation: Seamless Service Discovery

Recognizing the challenges posed by Snyder Tech's multitude of services, we tried to streamline their website's information architecture, simplifying the complex organization of services.

We created a seamless and intuitive browsing experience to enable visitors to easily navigate through the offerings and find the precise solutions they require.


Sharp Edges and Blue Hue: Conveying Tech Expertise

We used sharp edges as the design feature for logo and website elements as they symbolize precision, clarity, speed, efficiency, and the cutting-edge nature of technology.

Using color psychology, we used blue to visually evoke the sense of trust, reliability, and stability their clients can have in Snyder.

The Impact

Elevated Global Presence

Through the implementation of a dynamic and contemporary website design, we achieved a remarkable transformation for Snyder Tech, amplifying its global presence and creating an immersive digital experience that captivates its target audience.