Dive-in to Differentiate

People love brands with a ‘Meaningful differentiation’

Maya Mantra

Boutique branded to Turn Fashion Enthusiasts
from Coimbatore to Tiruppur


Maya Mantra is a custom fashion boutique that specializes in catering to women and children, starkly juxtaposed between readymade and tailor-made boutiques.

There has been a long held tradition among most people of Tiruppur to flock to Coimbatore for trendy & latest dress collections. Maya Mantra wished to change this by designing dazzling outfits and turn the heads of fashion enthusiasts towards Tiruppur. Also, the boutique made ‘fashion accessible to everyone’ by breaking the stereotype of attributing fashion to big-budget.

Maya Mantra wanted their message to be carried to their target customers all over Tiruppur and needed a distinguishing identity along with clear positioning in a market where a dedicated, custom fashion boutique was first of its kind.

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We designed brand elements that were a blend of style, elegance and sprinkles of magic

We coined the brand message that resonated with the brand name, “Adding a Magical touch”, which implies that Maya Mantra breaks the illusion of fashion and transforms anybody beautifully. We extended this brand message to the logo as well. The brand logo was inspired from the story of Cinderella. A magical wand at the end of brandmark shows a woman who has been touched by the magic of Maya Mantra, blossoming and taking flight.

As fashionistas are more active in Instagram, we designed creatives to dominate the social networking space as well. In order to get more fans and turn more new customers, we painstakingly designed each creative to emphasize the beauty of Maya Mantra’s real designs, worn by real customers.

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The Impact

As a result, Maya Mantra became the go-to fashion destination for Tiruppur women. The boutique not just saw a surge in sales, but also succeeded in creating a tiny fashion movement among its people.