Dive-in to Differentiate

People love brands with a ‘Meaningful differentiation’

KG Invicta Services

Rebranding India’s largest BPM
service provider


A Brand-New Website

KG Invicta Services, a prominent player in the field of Business Process Management (BPM) services, has requested our assistance in developing a brand-new website. This comes following their recent separation from KGiSL, the parent domain that previously offered both IT solutions and BPM services.

What we did ?
  • Branding
  • Brand Positioning
  • UI & UX design
  • Website development


Shift from Service Provider to Value provider

We tried to redefine KG Invicta’s position in the outsourcing industry by transcending the perception of being a mere service provider. With comprehensive back-office support, ranging from talent acquisition to customer engagement and meticulous financial transaction recording, we highlighted the tangible values it adds to clients' operations.

The brand narrative of "Incremental Business Value" has become the cornerstone of KG Invicta's identity, even serving as its tagline. We made sure the content of website emphasizes the valuable outcomes experienced by clients, shifting from service processes.


Professional and Corporate Ambience

We designed the logo to look like an incremental building block to visually symbolize their brand narrative and made sure the Brand name typography resembles the parent company to foster a nostalgic connection for their clients with the new domain.

Our deliberate choice of a classic color palette consisting of blue, red, and white cultivates a professional and corporate ambiance to inspire trust, reliability, and establish a strong brand identity, leaving a memorable impact on our visitors.

The Impact

Paradigm Shift in Company’s Perception

KG invicta experienced a significant transformation as their website played a pivotal role in reshaping their clients' perception of the company. This shift enabled them to establish themselves as a thought leader in the outsourcing industry, ultimately attracting a greater number of high-value clients, eventually leading to a substantial growth in their business.