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Classic Polo

Showing one of the most reputed brands
in a different (lime)light


Classic Polo is one of the most renowned brands in India that is synonymous with trendy men’s fashion. A lot of clothing brands may come and go, but Classic Polo remains the most loved fashion staple of men who value sophistication and style in the way they dress.

Being the most acclaimed brand, Classic Polo boasted an eclectic range of clothing and accessories for possibly every occasion. However, the messaging and visual identity for packaging varied for every category of products. Although this approach brought out the versatility of the brand in catering to different styles and personalities, a slew of visual identities heaped up on the brand’s underlying uniqueness and failed to accentuate it.

Classic Polo wanted to create a captivating visual identity and package design that would bring out what the brand stood for while being applicable to all product categories.

What we did ?
  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Visual Language
  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Communication
  • Ad Campaign


We created a unified identity that highly resonated with the Classic Polo tribe

In order to bring out the brand’s essence in every product category that customers bought from, we created a unified visual identity to be used in all of the brand’s packaging. When we rummaged the creative spaces of our brains, we knew exactly where to start. We began with an extensive research on Classic Polo’s loyal fans. Apart from preferring sophistication and style in the way they dressed, the Classic Polo men believed in pushing the boundaries and always being a notch above the rest – the same quality that makes them prefer Classic Polo’s finesse over others.

We came up with copies and design that inspired men to level up their game. A blend of yellow and blue have been used to bring out the evergreen freshness and the casual classiness the brand offers. The upward arrows which indicate a progressive, ceaseless and challenging spirit rightly balanced the entire underlying strategy. We made the design very versatile that it can be adapted for business cards to brochure designs and everything in between.

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The Impact

As a result of an alluring makeover, Classic Polo appealed more to its
loyal customers and made everyone feel part of the CP tribe, kindling a
sense of belonging and improving customer loyalty.