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Br Branding

Rebranding a legacy of a Textile dyestuffs
manufacturer for the 21st century.


Br Specialities, an established dyestuffs manufacturer, based in Haryana, sought a way to redefine its presence to cater to the evolving market needs of the 21st century. Being in the industry for four decades, the company had already carved out a niche in textile chemicals. For a company like Br Specialities that has a legacy of quality products and reputation, the need to emerge as a memorable brand had become essential.

What we did ?
  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Visual Language
  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Communication
  • Ad Campaign
  • Digital Marketing


They felt that they need to create a unique place for themselves with the brand purpose in the minds of the audience.

The journey of four decades in the chemical industry had made Br Specialities one of the market leaders. Yet, they felt that they need to create a unique place for themselves in the minds of the audience. A place to register their purpose, values, and vision. But, they were concerned with the inconsistency that prevailed throughout their visual identity, which is a distinguishing factor for a brand. This inconsistency kept the audience from recognizing Br Specialities in the market that is filled with noise. They sought a functional and pleasant visual language that would touch every aspect of their business from packaging to letterheads to website to office interiors. So the need to revamp the brand induced the necessity to not only hold up its legacy but also communicate the purpose for which it stands by.


The 3 core values – Intelligent technology, product efficiency, and environmental sustainability paved way for the brand revamp.

To set this on the right lines from the beginning, we began to study and understand the company, its history, values, and the range of products and services. We interacted with their board members, employees, customers, and market professionals to come up with a strategy that would help Br Specialities evolve from an established business into a brand of the 21st century.

As a business, they have grown significantly. With technology, R&D, and industrial expertise, they deliver intelligent solutions that provide good results. Moreover, they strive to be a responsible chemicals manufacturer who not only wants to fulfill the industrial needs but also to be efficient and safe for the environment. Intelligent technology, product efficiency, and environmental sustainability were their core values and the unity of which paved the way for the brand revamp.


The logo that Br Specialities previously had was so plain. So, we came up with a logo that brought together the three core values of the brand. We incorporated the following ideas:

  1. The chemical elements of the periodic table are denoted by two letters with the first letter capitalized (Ex: Li, Cl, Na) .We applied the idea to change the monogram from ‘BR’ to ‘Br’.
  2. We adopted the shape of the ‘Reuleaux Triangle’ – which is the intersection of three circles – to design the logo.

The logo conveyed the idea of Br Specialities being at the intersection of an intelligent, efficient, and responsible chemistry. Incorporating the brand positioning in the logo made the brand more powerful and memorable.

Visual Language

We made sure that the brand visual language of Br Specialities should be vibrant, pleasant, and should convey the idea of progressive chemistry in every medium – from posters to space design to packaging to website and social media.

To reflect the idea of blending, formulation, and composition, we adopted ‘gradient’ colors for the brand visual language as well as for the logo.

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The Impact

The brand earned a
position in the audience’s minds as a responsible chemical expert.

Br Specialities as a brand received substantial attention among its audience by creating a strong market presence for itself. The brand earned a position in the audience’s minds as a responsible chemical expert. The perception towards the company as a conventional chemical manufacturer shifted to a progressive industrial chemical solution provider. The visual language created a positive vibe and communicated the values it stands by.

The brand value of Br Specialities has spurred the company to have an edge in the industry of chemicals.

Springboard Team is really helping Br and Briskers achieve the potential and helping create a positive perception. #thankyou

Team Springboard brings a lot of creativity through Sriram and strategy and calmess through Vinodh. Team Springboard really wants to make good brands and not just limit themselves to the standard practices followed by the industry.

Hitesh Garg

Commercial Director, BR specialties