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Bombay Sweets

Revitalized Brand Identity of a Good Old
Sweet House of Kovilpatti


Sweets and Kovilpatti always have a special bond. Authentic sweets hold the status of the town’s staple. Nothing can really exhibit the happiness of its people than sharing sweets with each other. Bombay Sweets had earned a special sweet spot in the Kovilpattians’ hearts by offering them truly authentic and uniquely flavourful sweets and snacks.

Since 1991, Bombay Sweets had been the favourite go-to sweet house of the Kovilpatti people. When the market saw a saturation with a number of me-too sweet shops, Bombay Sweets decided to reiterate its brand narrative, showcase its peerless hygiene and authentic taste through branding and distinctive visual identity.

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A visual identity that combined Taste, Authenticity and Happiness

Right from the moment we discovered Sweets were synonymous to Happiness in Kovilpatti, we knew what the core of our theme would be. The brand’s logo, stationery and packages were all designed around ‘Happiness’. In order to display the unforgettable tastes that Bombay Sweets is know for, we gave their logo a distinctive facelift that’s inspired by the shape of numerous sweets and snacks. The colours and typography were thoughtfully chosen to display the brand’s freshness and uniqueness.

We maintained a strict consistency throughout the design of business cards and iconography to convey the brand’s authenticity. ‘Happiness’ was also represented visually through illustrated mascots inspired by the local people. A lot of thoughts were put into package designing as well – a blend of taste, authenticity and happiness were conveyed through the packages’ colours and typography. We also used the motifs of traditional ‘kolams’ to accentuate the brand’s authenticity and stand out from the crowd.

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The Impact

As a result, the brand came as a refreshing surprise to its fans and attracted a
number of new customers, leading to an incredible upswing in sales.