Zilpi is a 3D printer manufacturer

Though 3D printing technology is 25 years old, Zilpi is set to redefine the technology by providing customized 3D printing solutions addressing industry-specific needs. Their long-term focus is to serve the defense and aerospace industries.


Zilpi had just the technology part ready.

They came to us with a whitepaper. Starting from the brand name, Zilpi only wanted to evolve as a brand, to avoid competition from Chinese manufacturers.  Hence, the client wanted his prospects to perceive Zilpi as a global brand and easily associate with its values.


Brand Name

Brand Positioning

Brand Strategy

Brand Identity

AD Campaign


We crafted a unique Brand identity & brand assets of global appeal. We ensured that the USP and values travel unanimously in all corporate communications. So, as to nab the Chinese competitors.

We found that client’s long-term vision is to have aerospace and defense organizations onboard as clients. Many of these companies had Sanskrit team & project names, so we came up with a name ZIlpi (the Sanskrit name for a sculptor) the actual 3D printers of those times.


“Right after the launch, Zilpi was able to penetrate into Public sector companies easily. With decreased sales efforts Zilpi on a boarded lot of multinationals as customers.“

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