Sri Eshwar College

Coimbatore’s premier institution needed an identity to retell their story


Sri Eshwar College of Engineering, Coimbatore is known statewide for their exemplary industry-oriented education and top-notch facilities. From imparting technical knowledge to fostering entrepreneurship, Sri Eshwar boasts world-class facilities for rendering holistic education. Also, it is one of the few institutions in the region to be accoladed with Autonomous status.

With this newly achieved feat, Sri Eshwar wanted a new facelifted identity to retell its story. Although the institution offered a myriad of resources under one roof, Sri Eshwar, as a brand, lacked a more focussed, unified identity that coalesced the visions of various departments. We worked on creating an identity to retell Sri Eshwar’s story in a more unified way, starting with a magnificent logo.


Brand Positioning
Brand Visual Language
Brand Identity
Package design
Brand Communication
Ad Campaign


Creating an evolved identity that the Eshwarites are proud of

Story retelling, especially for institutions, is more than just colours and shapes. It is about creating an identity that both the stakeholders and the student fraternity are proud of. We fleshed out the old logo of its indirect representation of Sri Eshwar’s value and designed a new one that clearly and concisely represented the institute’s vision.

Sri Eshwar’s blue and yellow were retained and other colours were deliberately limited to reflect a sense of focus. A versatile iconography was designed to match the institute’s explosive growth, which can be used in multiple settings. Our branding also extended to ideating and designing for newspapers and other ad outlets which turned out to be massively successful.



As a result, the institute reached more people and created an impact among its students and the community.


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