Parker Bot

Parkerbot is a manufacturer of an indigenous “intelligent rotary parking system” that expands existing parking spaces up to 8 times.


Parkerbot wanted to define their brand ethos, values and communication with us. So, as to create trust, credibility and awareness in the market. The brief was completely open ended, we were mounted with the task of creating the life for the brand and which started from right from coining a brand name.


Brand Strategy
Brand Positioning
Brand Voice
Communication Strategy
Brand Identity
Brand Visual Language
Ad Campaign

What we did?

We built a tongue in cheek brand identity and a name, that potentially summarizes the purpose of the brand.

To differentiate the brand from an array of puzzle parking suppliers, we came up with a vertical oval shape which is an abstract of a rotary carousel.

Our motto was to create a clean memorable, simple, professional & easily recallable identity, which stays with the target audience forever. We made the identity so extensible, so that the same identity can be replicated whenever they venture into heavy vehicles or two-wheeler segments.

The color scheme was inspired from a giraffe, typically the tallest living being on earth. We added the support elements and patterns to strengthen the overall message of the brand.

We used the box visual pattern in conveying the USP of the product, so that the message easily percolates into the mind of the audience


The brand became a purple cow in all their fairs and exhibitions, where it gained lots of attention generating lots of inquiries much before the initial supply.


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