Mlicious MilK


M-LICIOUS is a quality initiator from RMP farms producing farm fresh A2 milk, directly delivered to the home. It has a completely modern dairy farm, located in foothills of the Western Ghats, close to Coimbatore.

It is equipped with the finest International technology for feeding and milking cows confirming to International dairy practice.


When a series of Jallikattu protests stormed Tamilnadu, awareness to consume A2 milk, shoot up. A2 milk is an oligopoly market where the demand does not meet the supply. So, the client wanted us to provide a distribution campaign content for gated communities and apartments, which would perform and get them more subscriptions.


AD Campaign


We started off with a massive campaign supported with an ad copy “Drop A1 milk & subscribe to your daily dose of fitness”. And also we went on to educate the audience about benefits of drinking A2 milk for different age groups. We even created many Brand associations for Mlicious milk during the campaign by adopting “a glass of milk concept”.


“The distribution content actually performed, and has created lot many subscriptions for the milk, from gated communities and apartments across the city.“

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