Magnic technologies is Industrial innovation firm, focused on addressing the problems of a manufacturing industry one at a time.


Being an Industrial Innovation firm, the Industrial solutions are invented, not just derived and implemented.

The major challenge was to build a brand and communications that are easily understood by even common people with no or minimal machine knowledge.




The company has come up with a product that solves one major problem of jewel industry, which is the detection of ferrous impurities on the jewelries.

We derived a brand name from a magnet which deliberately attracts the ferrous particles no matter where they are.

We coined an aspirational brand positioning statement “Transform to machine intelligence” so as to aspire industries to transform themselves into phase where they can capitalize on the intelligence of machines.

We crafted the identity from the brand positioning statement which denotes the handshake between a human arm and a robotic arm (Machines) which signifies the transfer of a work from a Human to a machine.

We also wanted the brand to reach the gold consumer market to create an awareness on the existence of such a technology that ensures the quality of gold they buy from the retailers; hence we introduced a Mascot whose presence in a jewelry indicates that people only get ferrous free from the retailer.


The brand communication did wonders it visually hammered every single retailer and consumer. The machine received orders from all most top veterans in the industry, where the founder is trying hard to meet the demand.


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