Kobolt Robotics


Kobolt robotics is an industry 4.0 company. They are the solution providers in the domain of additive and subtractive technologies.

They assist professionals and educators to transform ideas and concepts into physical prototypes.



The Approach

We offered Kobolt robotics a detailed and responsive website that focuses on their products, offerings, and the values they add to all their customers. We wanted to accentuate the magic of 3D printers across the website, by displaying products that are 3D printed

The animated banner had a simple & minimalist appeal displaying the two core processes of Kobolt Robotics. The “Additive & subtractive”.The entire website carried the Brand personality and all interfaces were clean and simple to easily understand the values of the company.Our unique display of products was unanimously appreciated by all the founders.


Kobolt Robotics website had content visually and contextually that could sell products by itself. Kobolt team considered it to be their magic wand which differentiated them from other competitors. The website started performing well within a short period right after its launch.

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