Kobolt Robotics


A global brand image which has an appeal to both technology & engineering company has to be created for Kobolt robotics

They wanted their brand to be treated as an innovation company by all their customers & associates.


Kobolt robotics is an industry 4.0 company

They are the solution providers in the domain of additive and subtractive technologies. They assist professionals and educators to transform ideas and concepts into physical prototypes.


Brand Positioning

Brand Strategy

Brand Identity Design

AD Campaign

Web Design


We worked with the team very closely to distill their multidisciplinary approach and sketched a detailed architecture of their associated brands to break them down into a single identity.

Out of this exercise, we arrived their strengths, USP’s and roadmap ahead to clearly define their communication plans. All our color codes, typos, and identities gave a technology image to Kobolt robotics. This was followed by the creation of detailed market study and manual for the usage and application of the brand.

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