Hexa Health Care

The new-age Preventive Care Clinic needed a new approach to reach its audience.

Among the most crowded market of health care clinics, Hexa stands out by providing its customers most personalized beauty and healthcare consulting & treatment. Started by an experienced Dermatologist, Hexa is the first of its kind to offer anti-ageing and complete preventive care treatment.

Hexa has positioned itself as a new-age health clinic that infuses ancient wisdom & modern science to diagnose and treat its clients. Right from designing Visual Language to Space Design, we reflected this unique message to make the brand, its values & mission stick in the minds of the audience.


Visual Language
Brand Identity
Brand Communication
Ad Campaign
Space Design

We majorly focussed on consistency & simplicity, to make the brand easily recognizable and sticky, while reflecting elegance.

The entire visual fields of the brand’s communication materials, ad campaigns and environmental graphics have been designed to accentuate and go well with the black and golden theme of the brand’s logo. Space Designs are strategically planned to be placed appropriately in the clinic to imply the importance of preventive care, in addition to contributing to consistency.

The Ad Campaigns and Brand Communication were taken as the two important touch points for the brand and hence, the copy & graphics are planned to reflect authenticity & simplicity to appeal to the general audience.



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