BVB School


Brilliant Group of Institutions started a decade ago which is now a learning home for 1000+ odd students in and around Coimbatore.

Having encountered kids on daily basis for the past one decade, they wanted to apply all their expertises to a new CBSE school BVB CBSE.

BVB is driven by a child-centric policy which is nothing but “Rethink everything “with love and passion to address the present society.


We worked out a long scroll website for the school, to bring sharp & quirky nature of the school digitally alive

We started with ideation, information flow, UI & UX design and content for the website.

The organized set of information and visuals is simple yet it evokes curiosity among the parents. We shouldered a herculean task of creating a digital identity for the school which is yet to start functioning. We created unique brand and utility icons for the school all the show off factors for the school were described in animation. The entire website is centered on “Rethink everything” approach so uniquely, appealing and targeting parents of the kids.


Brand Positioning

Brand Strategy

Brand Identity Design

AD Campaign

Web Design


BVB CBSE had a dominating digital identity and presence. The website had the lowest bounce rates and remains as an asset forever to generate inquiries for admissions.

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