BVB School


Brilliant Group of Institutions started a decade ago which is now a learning home for 1000+ odd students in and around Coimbatore.

Having encountered kids on daily basis for the past one decade, they wanted to apply all their expertise to a new CBSE school BVB CBSE. BVB is driven by a child-centric policy which is nothing but “Rethink everything“ with love and passion to address the present society.


CBSE schools is a crowded market.

BVB wanted a positioning strategy and brand identity that wins a lot of admissions, which also differentiates itself from the crowd. A differentiation factor with which the target audiences can easily relate and subscribe to.


Brand Positioning

Brand Strategy

Brand Identity

Brand Design

AD Campaign

Web Design


The school was engulfed with IT companies and townships.

So, the early adopters of the new school would definitely be from these localities. We formulated an approach called “Rethink everything” which means breaking stereotypes and making decisions after it is well thought at least twice. We built identities, promotional materials, websites and even campaign assets around this approach. The school curriculum, mentorships, and even the ambiance were built around this approach.


This approach motivated a lot of the parents because who would shun a school with such a novel approach. All the parents who have committed big blunders in their lives and careers are because they haven’t thought twice before making such decisions. This approach slowly kindled curiosity among them which eventually pulled walk-ins for the school.

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