Briyani king


Biryani king is a restaurant based out of Bangalore. USP of the restaurant is biryani itself.

It’s cooked using a recipe, which is preserved for generations together. Biryani king is a homegrown brand of Karnataka, known for exciting people through its firewood cooked biryani and its royal hospitality

When Biryani King planned to open a new fine dining restaurant at Indira Nagar.

They came to us for a rebranding process. So, as to tap the market potential of biryani loving IT employees. And also to register “Biryani king” as the most preferred biryani brand in the minds of young IT employees.


Brand Positioning

Brand Strategy

Brand Identity Design

AD Campaign


After a typical brainstorming & Market study process. We found that predominantly these young crowd, whom he wishes to tap in never intends to have biryani in a fine dining decorum.

Almost everyone wanted to taste biryani at the comfort of home or at office space. So, we proposed an altered business model, of having 5-6 biryani delivery kitchen hotspots across the city and serve online deliveries.

We applied 80/20 rule and found, people who prefer quick service biryani are party going alpha males. So, we adopted an identity which appeals to that set of a party going cult male target audiences. Also a light touch Royal elements which are the brand personality itself added more flavors for the brand.

When Springboard team after brief Brainstorming & Market study came up with a suggestion of opening up Biryani hotspots, instead of opening a restaurant. I was initially skeptical. Now I cherish that decision. I thoroughly loved their Branding process. I witnessed something great about my company once it got completed.

Arun Raj

Co-Founder Biriyani king

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