Dive-in to Differentiate

People love brands with a ‘Meaningful differentiation’

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Hari Narayan

August 24, 2018

A word of warning for all my readers, I am very noob in writing, so kindly bear with me.. Firstly, I didn’t have a very formal interview to join Springboard as an intern – I just had a quick call with one of the co-founders, Vinodh, who explained me what my role in the company would be and what they expect out of me, which very much inclined with what I was looking for. I was so excited to listen to what Springboard was doing and couldn’t wait to join them on board.

I was a little stressed and nervous on the first day, which turned into uncontrollable excitement when I saw the first words that greeted me

You’ve arrived at the land of madly creative people! – comfy couch, orange bean bags and loads of energy. It was such a chill place with less formalities and no formal dress code as well.

The first one I got introduced to, in the team was Tammy (alias) Tamil, the Content Writer. We’re both Madarasi’s and instantly became friends. She was very much senior to me, but was one chill dude and helped me learn most things in the company.

The office used to look crazily busy & everybody in there was so much indulged in their works. I took me some time to get to know everybody, but when I did, the most memorable days in my life happened. I learned a lot about how stuff worked from Dinesh, one of the Designers. I have never seen anybody as funny & happy as Sathish. Sanjay soon became my bestie & hang-out buddy. Bala, Shravan & Arun are all very cool & fun to work with.

Usually, an intern never gets to participate in the annual trip, but my bosses were very sweet & had me included in the most interesting & thought-provoking annual trip to Ooty. I soon got to learn a lot of things from Springboard.

I got the opportunity to work with everybody in there, got to know a lot of stuff about the industry, businesses, branding, marketing, designing and development.

I really feel proud that I was part of a company that was quickly expanding. I parted to do my Management studies and Springboard gave me chance to gain practical knowledge.

It was just a matter of months, but Springboard gave me a lot of memories & tons of knowledge. Thanks to the management for giving me such a wonderful opportunity.